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TWWR Round up 03/18/2024– A Few Moments of Somber Calm Before the Storm

Featured Post Image - TWWR Round up 03/18/2024– A Few Moments of Somber Calm Before the Storm

Golden Shrike returns this Thursday. I’m looking forward to writing about it again next Monday.

Africa 03182024

Africa | Page(s): 363 | Patreon

Africa says her goodbyes to Safari, who looks quite peaceful in death. She then turns to her adopted son, imploring him not to leave as well. It feels like she’s not only talking about the serval, but Mosi as well. Unknown to both of them, Mosi is hidden in the bushes, listening. It’s difficult to tell if her words are having an effect on Mondo (or her other son). At this point, the only thing that the mother leopard can do is beg for forgiveness. We’ll see if Mondo goes to her. Though I’m still worried about Mosi’s jealousy and if he’ll try to kill the kitten.

Tcas 03182024

To Catch a Star | Page(s): 463, 464, 465, 466 | Patreon

These set of pages from To Catch a Star have just been heart-breaking. Backlash opens his eyes and recognizing his friends, all he can do is wag his tail. Lupi still has no idea their friend is mortally wounded, and Shadow breaks down at the sight of his battered body. She can only apologize and as he tries to speak, she tells him not to, and that it’s going to be okay. Shadow licks Backlash comfortingly on the nose before she gives him a somber “I love you.” At that he smiles and begins to cry. For all of this attention-starved wolf’s life, he wanted someone to give him an “I love you,” and his desire has finally been granted. Sadly, this moment had to come at death’s door, but it’s better now than never.

Lupi also gives their friend a “Love you!” in a happier tone as the situation hasn’t registered with the sun wolf yet. As Lupi looks down happily, Backash sees their cloud formation and a glimpse of the sun in his eye before he fades away. At seeing his death, Shadow sinks to the ground with a suppressed sob and the sun noses Backlash as it dawns on them that he’s no longer alive. Takedown emerges from behind a tree in the distance.

It’s pretty obvious that Backlash is VERY dead now. I had no doubt in my mind that he wasn’t going to survive this from the moment he managed to break the orb Takedown stole. I do admit that killing off a main character from the very first pages of this comic is a bold move on Sleepy’s part. At the same time, I’m curious how Backlash’s death will change the trajectory of this story. Again, will the focus shift from saving the world to reviving him? Will his death awaken something in Lupi? We’ll just have to see what the impact of this young wolf’s death means for the story going forward.

That showdown between Takedown and Shadow is fast approaching, but if that foreshadowing after Ray’s death means anything, there’s a chance Lupi might lose her too. I feel like if anyone can stand up to Backlash’s tyrannical big brother, it’s her. Still, I don’t think she’s exiting their encounter unscathed.

Orderoftheblackdog 03182024

The Order of the Black Dog | Page(s): Issue 27, page 36 | Patreon

Julia pleads with Mel after the tiger’s declaration of not caring what happens to her once they get their hands on Kenazil. The smiling man can only smirk again as he declares he won’t give a loaded gun to a child. Mel retorts that he shouldn’t call them children when he refuses to act like an adult. Julia chimes in and adds the gods aren’t doing anything while their species goes insane. The girls insist they know the risks. The smiling cat finally relents. As he manifests a key in Mel’s palm, he gives her a stern warning. It’s her body and she’s free to risk controlling the mistake, but if that mistake gets out of hand it will be her fault. The gods will survive, and can wait on new races to evolve and meet them. This concerning message is juxtaposed with the grin on his face that never fades.

I feel as if I pretty much called it last week, as their arguments have won this particular god over. Also, this confirms my fear that the Black Dog might pose a bigger threat than the Black Idol itself. Still, Mel and Julia are confident they can control the thing that should not exist. While I believe things will eventually work out for the best, I fear a lot of people may be injured or killed when Kenazil is finally released. Also, what does the smiling man mean by “your body”? Does this mean one of the girls is going to have to host Kenazil within themselves? If so, I again hope they can control the beast, especially given the events of Issue 4, “The Curse of the Black Dog.”

Lostscent 03182024

Lost Scent | Page(s): 43 | Patreon

Tulpi has scented smoke, which means someone is probably nearby. Motte slips out of her paws and flops into the snow. I found it hilarious that Tulpi used the event to encourage her friend to get some rest, and just leaves Motte there she prepares to go find help. Motte utters a soft chuckle as she watches the smaller dog bound off as her vision begins to fade. If I had to guess, it’s likely our turn to see Motte suffer from some wicked fever dreams at best, or be tormented by her own insecurity while she lies prone in the snow at worst. These girls are having a rough go of their journey. Perhaps running off just before a snowstorm struck wasn’t the best idea. I suppose the dogs Motte was running from are too great of a threat to simply lie low in town.

Home01 03182024

Home | Page(s): 845 | Patreon

A day has passed since Roamer and Kargo returned from scouting the mountain. The remnants of the Meteor Tribe (soon to be Nordegard Tribe) pack everything their novas can carry, and are joined by a few members of the Whispervale Tribe. Ronja notes to Fraujar that rebuilding the huts on will be their biggest priority given the harsh conditions on the mountain. The Whispervale jarl notes that he and the members of the tribe he brought along can help with hunting and restocking once they’ve reached their destination. Ferah meets up with Rogio and they exchange pleasantries. Ferah sighs, wishing she could see Kargo again, but Rogio reminds her that he has to stay hidden until after the move. As Ronja rounds up her daughters, a mysterious cloaked dog appears dragging a cart behind him.

There’s not a lot happening with this page because it’s mostly a transition scene. I’m a bit surprised to see the dogs haven’t crafted a harness or bags to carry supplies in addition to what their beasts of burden are already carrying. It doesn’t seem like it would be that much of a deal for the dogs to carry some supplies on their backs, but whatever. (Lost Scent handles this topic so much better.) It’s also a bit disappointing not to see Keirr with Fraujar, as it seems like he would have jumped at the chance to help make sure his cousins safely made it to their destination. Ferah’s here, there’s no reason for Keirr not be either.

This page would be just lackluster for me, but the last panel bothers me visually for so many reasons. First the mystery dog (it’s Fjordor) is dragging a cart along and the cart handles are attached by rope.

Home02 03182024

The problem is that the rope isn’t knotted off, so there’s no way in hell those handles should be staying in place. It might be a nitpick, but it goes to show you how lazy of an artist Kique can be. He took the time to reference and draw rope, but was too lazy to tie to the wood to that rope. If he didn’t want to tie it down, he could have made the handles of the cart in a hook-shape so the wood won’t slide away from the rope when being pulled. I’m sure that effort would have taken just a few minutes, but he didn’t feel like drawing the handles of the cart or the rope in any convincing way.

Home03 03182024

Eagle-eyed viewers have also noted that Fjordor’s front feet are also lazily drawn, and look more like hooves than dog paws. It makes me wonder if this panel was traced from a horse pulling a cart, or if Kique couldn’t figure out how to make the paws look good from that angle and gave up.

On Hiatus:

Golden Shrike | Page(s): | Patreon


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4 comments TWWR Round up 03/18/2024– A Few Moments of Somber Calm Before the Storm

BreadBuster says:

Im surprised you didn’t comment one thing about Fjordor
His balls
His balls shouldn’t be seen in that angle for a couple of reasons but ofc every male in this comic has to show his manhood in every way possible 🗿 I couldn’t pay atention to the ropes because this is the first thing I noticed. They also don’t look like testicles more like… Well that. BALLS
Sorry for the weird comment but it’s true

TWWR Online

BreadBuster, I’m going to be honest with you. I didn’t want to talk about Fjordor’s massive balls in that panel. XD It was literally low-hanging fruit (hah), but I wanted to focus on how dumb the rope and feet looked.

Yes, Kique has a problem regarding dog balls and dicks being visible from every angle in this comic. It’s like he’s either really into ferals, he wants the audience to know these characters are male, or some combination of the two.

And no worries, you’re good with the comment. I figured someone might point it out. Heh.

BreadBuster says:

I’m glad you pointed the rope thing because I was so grossed out about his apples that I didn’t notice
You know Kique has a problem when he draws male genitals in every angle but tries his best to hide nursing female teats and never shows female parts. Girl dog tittie is a no

TWWR Online

Apples is a good euphemism for these over-sized testicles. Heh!

And no problem with the rope pointing out. I figured readers might like a break from all the…apples. But yeah, heaven forbid we see a nursing female with teats or anything else related to female parts.

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